Wednesday, 4 November 2015


The Game Kick

The crowd are on their feet, I can hear the roar and chanting of the crowd in the distance.  Glancing around the stadium I can feel the intensity building, trying to focus on the placement of my ball, I wipe the sweat from my brow, eye the ball then look to the field posts, take a deep breath and slow my heart rate.  I take two steps back and one to the left, I refocus and set my eye’s on the ball and picture the ball going  straight down the middle of the post. I smell  sweat  and freshly mown short green grass.  
My leg feels like it has a life of its own as it maps its path towards the ball.  I feel my boot on the ball and hear the thud as it connects with the leather.  I can see the ball sailing through the clear blue sky, making a beeline for the goal posts, and yes, yes, yes…. it is over.  

I collapse in relief, I know my kick just put the Rugby world cup into our hands.  I am a legend.



  1. Bonjour River I am from Mamaku Hub at Grey Main School. You have worked really hard and I like this sentience "I can hear the roar and chanting of the crowd in the distance. Glancing around the stadium I can feel the intensity building", It is really cool.
    Maybe next time you could add more exciting pictures.

  2. Kia ora River this is Katelin from Mamaku Hub from Grey Main School. Wow I think this is a really maharo (amazing) piece of writing. Is this true or false? This reminds me when I watch Blaketown Under 10's play rugby because my friend plays for that team. from Katelin.

  3. Kia ora River.I am Levi B from Grey Main School. I really like that you have written lots of words and lots of sentences. I do think that you could of told us about what it felt after you finished and did you get any prizes? he whetu koe.

  4. Kia ora River it Josh here from Grey Main School what is it for? I like that you did lots of writing. I like what it is about! Miharo (amazing) you can improve on your sapling.